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Vanessa Urbina, born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, has been in close contact with the arts since an early age. Being the niece of Maestro Fernando Urbina Chuquín, a well-known dancer and choreographer in Colombia, she grew up surrounded by musicians and dancers in her life. At the age of 13 she decided to join her uncle’s dance company, Ballet Folclórico Tierra Colombiana, where she learned a variety of Latin-American folklore dances from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Perú, Ecuador, Venezuela and especially from Colombia including rhythms such as Cumbia, Joropo, Currulao, Mapalé, and Bambuco.

Her family decided to move to the U.S. to look for better opportunities and migrated to Miami, FL in 2007. Having spent her teenage years listening and dancing to folklore music, Vanessa developed a deep appreciation for cultural expressions and a special love for the revival of these unique rhythms around the globe. Vanessa now has a degree in Sociology and is the co-founder of the Madre Tierra Collective, a group of conscious women who want to empower communities by using the arts and culture as tools for social awareness and social change.
Now Venus Rising has become a part of Vanessa’s family as the wise voice of our ancestors reminding us that as women we can empower, support and heal each other and our communities. She believes we do this through the creative, mystical and spiritual experience of music and dance. In her own words, “Venus has brought more life into my own life, and I'm sure it has done the same to the lives of others!"

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